Panicum Varigatum

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Latin Name- Panicum Varigatum Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 3-6ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun


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Panicum Varigatum


Panicum Varigatum is easily grown and can tolerate a variety of different soils. It typically grows in clumps but will also spread out. It does not have any significant insect or disease problems either. It is an excellent accent and looks fantastic grown in a group or mass. It makes a compelling screen and is an attractive perennial for borders. Panicum Varigatum is also an excellent addition to wild gardens, native plant gardens, meadows, or natural areas. This ornamental grass does well in bog gardens, along ponds, and is appropriate for water gardens. Its medium green leaves turn yellow in the autumn and sometimes features orange tints. Before fading to a beige hue in the winter.

Whether the sun is shining or the rain coming down, the beauty of the Switch Grass plant deserves a category all its own. Even when blooms are not present (usually pink and white) the foliage itself in blue/green or purple/burgundy, is an excellent display of what nature can come up with. Red, gold, and yellow foliage put it at its most colorful in the fall, and it’s just as gorgeous as green, purplish, and blue colored leaves that appear in drier times. Blooms appear in late summer, giving the plant an almost ethereal, fairy kind of look. When you see that combo, you will know you made the right choice. Most Switch Grass self-seeds freely so the beauty will continue to spread year after year. This perennial plant can reach an incredible 1 to 8 ft. in height, and 9 to 42 inches in width. It prefers well-drained soil in a sunny or lightly shaded area to reach its full potential. If you live in a rural area bear in mind Switch Grass is deer resistant, able to survive a drought, and makes excellent groundcover. This plant comes in more than one variety. Two are “Cloud Nine and Shenandoah” Switch Grass. Considering both are equally lovely, choosing could be tough.

While it won’t start growing until late spring, it can withstand virtually any kind of weather conditions and remains upright even in the dead of winter. However, individual plants will have different levels of tolerance for these terms and will grow to different heights and levels of growth depending on your particular plant.

Panicum Varigatum is commonly referred to as switchgrass. It is a perennial and grows during warm seasons. It is native to North America. It usually grows naturally. It has a long life and a rapid growth rate. It has brown seed/fruit and a coarse texture. It has a yellow flower occasionally. It will bloom in the late summer.

  This grass was once used in open prairies and open fields. Cattle, livestock, and sheep used to eat this grass as part of the daily nutrition. It can grow well in the shallow dirt. The downside to this plant is that while it is young, weeds can soon take over or grow into this plant making it hard to pull them out. This plant is a tall grower, and now most homeowners plant it around their driveways or walkways.

 Panicum Varigatum is also known as Switchgrass. 

It will make an excellent ornamental grass for natural areas and also for borders. This grass grows best in moist and wet soil conditions. Switchgrass will even give a water garden a very natural look. Switchgrass once it is established it hard to get rid of. The roots are thick and hold on pretty tight.


 Panicum Varigatum

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