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Painted Trillium - Trillium undulatum Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Light Shade to Full Shade Mature Height - 12" to 18" Mature Width- 6" to 18" Bloom Season – Spring (April to June) Gardener Status- Experienced
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Trillium Undulatum, Painted Trillium


The Painted Trillium is one of the prettiest trilliums and is also the only bi-colored trillium. It produces bright white petals with vibrant red markings that radiates from the centers. The Painted Trillium's a perennial wildflower that consists of three flower parts and a funnel-shaped flower. It makes a beautiful addition to any garden. The Painted Trillium is very low maintenance and is very easy to manage. They do well in virtually any garden or landscape and bloom form late April until about early June. By the beginning of summer, the Painted Trillium is in full bloom. The blooms will last up to three weeks, and the white flowers often develop pretty pink and purple accents.


Painted Trillium makes a Good Groundcover
Painted Trillium will make a beautiful groundcover. It will give gorgeous blooms of white and will look like the middle of the bloom has been painted. The painted trillium has a blooming season from June to July. It tolerates soil erosion. It also is tolerable to rabbits. As well as air pollution. This plant also red flowers.




The Painted Trillium will thrive very well in moist soils but can be planted in well-drained soils. This flower will bloom from April on into June and will give beautiful blooms for a garden and will make a fantastic ground cover also. When used as a ground cover it might attract small animals that may enjoy feasting on the leaves of this plant.



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