Organic Mulch – 2 Gallon

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Organic mulch 2-gallon bags

Organic mulches are naturally occurring mulches composed of formerly living matter. They provide nutrients to the soil and do not need to be removed due to wear and tear. In fact, as organic mulches wear down, they improve garden soil. Just add more to the top layer as needed. Like inorganic mulches, organic mulches help to keep grounds moist and suppress weeds. But they also add bulk to existing soil. This prevents degraded soil structure and can, over time, even improve boggy or arid soils. Organic mulches can be made from a variety of sources, from coconut husk to deciduous leaves to coffee grounds, wood chips, pine needles and aged manures. Some gardeners use grass clippings and other yard debris. Unlike homemade organic mulches, professionally produced organic mulches achieve a higher balance of needed plant nutrients. They won't be too high in nitrogen, or too low in phosphorous. When spread alongside flower beds or between garden rows, organic composts degrade slowly without compromising soil integrity or nutrient balance. Typically placed in a garden during the pre-growing season, they can also be used in fall to protect winter soils from erosion and damage.

Organic mulch is a beautiful way to produce a natural garden. It can be used in flower gardens and also works great in vegetable gardens. It supplies nutrients naturally to plants and does not add any chemicals to them at all. Organic mulch can be created at home, but the best way to purchase this type is from the online plant nursery. They offer two-gallon bags, and it makes it very convenient to spread in all kinds of garden areas. It is also a great way to supply all nutrients that a plant needs a natural way and is great for vegetable gardens. This is a great way to assure that the vegetable plants are not touched by chemicals that can be harmful. It is also very affordable for all gardeners and landscapers. This mulch is fantastic at creating beautiful flower gardens and natural areas on a lawn or any landscape.