Obedient Plant

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Obedient Plant - Physostegia virginiana


Obedient plants get their name because they are easy to grow, and the stems stay in place when bent. They are a part of the mint family and are frequently produced across North America. The plants are tall and have beautiful bright purple flowers that appear almost spike-like in your garden. They are often included in landscape designs because they flourish during the late summer and early fall. They thrive in any soil and growing conditions. Obedient flowers are a drought resistant plant, and can successfully be planted both in full sunshine or shade. Gardeners enjoy this plant because they grow healthy and robust with little attention or special care.
The Obedient Plant is easily grown in most soils. This plant can be found from Canada to Southern US. It is located in a variety of habitats. Flowers bloom at the top of each spike and are separated by small leaves.


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