Nannyberry Shrub

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Latin Name- Viburnum Lentago Hardy Planting Zone- 2-8 Mature Height- 12-15 ft Width- 10- 15 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Nannyberry -  Viburnum Lentago


Nannyberry is a native growing perennial shrub brings its showy display through the summer months. The Nannyberry gives a nice color blend consisting of thick green foliage, subtle creamy white flowers, and vivid red fruits and seeds. It is a shade tolerant plant species giving it appeal to landscapers for use as borders, significant barriers, windbreaks, and hedges. As part of the Honeysuckle family, Nannyberry produces berry-like fruit clusters that hang from its remarkable dark branches. These berries attract birds and other wildlife. They also bring a kaleidoscope of color changing from green to yellow, pink, reddish, until finally reaching a blackish blue hue. They are also edible and very sweet. Autumn brings a show of reddish maroon foliage to the Nannyberry making it an ideal fall focal point in your landscape.


Nannyberry features white, small flowers in small clusters in the spring.


In the Autumn months, its green foliage then turns to a deep red, and the lower branches of the shrub begin to root back into the ground when the touch the floor. It is very shade tolerant and does well when planted underneath large trees; it also makes an excellent windbreak. Thus, if you are looking for a plant that will bring a terrific seasonal display to your garden, the Nannyberry will offer you showmanship with its variety of color through its berries, flowers, and fall color display.



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