Mossarium Moss

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Dicranum Scoparium - USDA Hardy Planting Zones 4-10 - Shady to full shade - when mature growth reaches 3 to 4 inches in thickness - spreading, sprawling low laying plant - Drought tolerant - Gardener Status: Beginner.
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Taxiphyllum barbieri, Aquarium Moss


Aquarium Moss is an evergreen plant that looks perfect in most aquariums and terrariums. Aquarium Moss likes acidic soils and areas and will grow on wood, clay, rocks, and many other random items. Aquarium moss can be used outside as well as a terrarium or aquarium as it’s placed in a shaded, moist area and something to grow on.


There are many different types of mosses, Java moss, aquarium moss and sheet moss to name a few. Mosses are one plant that you can plant just about anywhere, and it will grow. The root system is shallow so that they can hold onto and spread rapidly without having a lot of soil. The aquarium moss can grow in large clumps or clusters and can be very tall up to 2 feet. They have a giant root ball below the surface and can be grown both in and out of the water.


Aquarium Moss is the top-rated aquarium plant
It is a self-attaching plant and can be used to create an elegant ambiance in your aquarium, along terrariums or even growing with driftwoods. The aquarium moss can be tied up to help it grow with fishing line or thread. This plant will spread by its eggs. The eggs will stay on the plant and then disperse which will regrow in other places. This plant can be transplanted and easily grown in different areas. Mosses such as the aquarium moss are great to use in aquariums or ponds because not only the fish love them but they look good.



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