Low Bush Blueberry

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Low bush blueberry can also be commonly called a groundcover because of its low growing ability.

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Low Bush Blueberry 


Low bush blueberries are a perennial shrub that grows in the United States and Canada. The delicious tasting berries blossom and are ready for picking and eating in the spring and summer seasons. The bushes are beautiful and picturesque with white bell-like flowers and wild blueberries that grow during the spring and summer months. These are super sweet berries and excellent for homemade baking and delicious blueberry pies and muffins. The blueberries contain nutritional antioxidants that help with everyday health, such as anti-aging, and heart health to vision health and prevention of some malignant diseases. Low bush blueberries make a beautiful landscape during the autumn season because the bushes change into breath-taking foliage colors.

 Low Bush Blueberry is a Deciduous Shrub

 The Low Bush Blueberry is a deciduous shrub. It is not that tall but has a widespread. This bush has bluish green leaves in the summer and looks purples in the fall. This shrub has white flowers that are shaped like a bell. This blueberry bush does produce blueberries that are perfectly editable. The berries are sweet and range in color from dark blue to black. This shrub goes well in areas that have been devastated by a fire. This type of bush likes to grow in fields where it has plenty of room to spread out. In Canada, the low blueberry bush is raised on farms, and the berries are harvested. Each year at least 67 million pounds of berries from this shrub are collected and sold for commercial use.

 Scientific Name: Vaccinium angustifolium, Low Bush Blueberry

 The Low Bush Blueberry is native to North America.

 Low bush blueberries grow mostly in the colder climates, and can quickly spread. These varieties of “wild” blueberries have a much higher amount of antioxidants than any other kind. The flowers are 5 mm, white, and bell-shaped; the fruit is almost black and super sweet. These blueberries grow well in slightly rocky, moist soil. It will grow back each year and every year will get larger and larger over time. It needs very little to no maintaining and each year will produce more and more berries.

 Low Bush Blueberry