Live Garden Moss Collection

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A Moss Collection can be a good investment


This collection of mosses includes some of our best moss plants for any home anywhere. These mosses can light up any shaded area with bright green foliage. This moss collection consists of some of our best mosses for water gardens and other areas where moisture is high, and shade is stunting the growth of other plants. The Mosses in this collection can be used indoors in terrariums and aquariums as well as outside. The mosses contained in this set can grow on rocks, wood, dirt, and many other moist objects, although they grow slow. The Collection of mosses can be spilled up and placed in different areas to give every space a unique look, or they can all be grown together.


When it comes to your yard the one thing, you can do it make wise investments.
The moss collection offers a wide variety of mosses
These can be planted in your yard, shady natural area or flower bed and turn it into an elegant look.
The moss collection gives you a lot of bang for your buck!
The moss collection can be grown planted altogether or broken up into different areas, whatever your choice may be! This collection of mosses are great to use around your home or give as a gift. Not only do you get a large selection of mosses but you also get a full selection that you can plant and cover a large area in no time because moss is a fast-growing plant that even grows in the winter time.