Leaf Mulch – 5 Gallon Bags

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Leaf mulch 5-gallon bags

Leaf Mulch - Leaf mulch is an ideal choice for your organic garden. Along with leaves fallen from the tree, pieces of bark, twigs and other natural materials combine to create a mulch that does more than suppressing weeds. Leaf mulch comes from a variety of deciduous trees, shredded afterward they fall from the tree to encourage decomposition into the soil.

Leaf mulch is unique when compared to inorganic mulch because it enhances your soil as the leaves break down. The mulch helps to keep the soil temperatures warmer during the winter and cooler during the spring. Preventing drastic soil temperature changes protects the health of your plants. Over time, the leaves will break down, transferring nutrients into the soil that your plants use to grow and thrive. At the same time, leaf mulch retains soil moisture, preventing the ground from drying rapidly and compacting into hard layers.

Apply leaf mulch when you first plant your new garden plants. For established plants, apply the mulch in early spring because it encourages plant growth and germination. Plan to use several layers of mulch throughout the season as it decomposes into the soil. Your plants will thrive this season!

Leaf mulch is a fantastic mulch that helps all gardens such as flower gardens and vegetable gardens with all the nutrients that they need to be added to their soils. This helps produce beautiful and healthy plants and is also a great way to keep moisture around the roots of the plants. This mulch is very affordable and can also be produced by homeowners that have a lot of trees in their yards. The leaves can be raked each year and added to a compost barrel or site and stirred or turned over every so often so that they do not get too damp. This produces excellent mulch for all types of plants and also give a right amount of nutrients to the roots of the plants. It can also be ordered from the online plant nursery and shipped in five-gallon bags for gardeners and homeowners that like the convenience of having a mulch that is ready to use.