Jewel Weed

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Latin Name- Capensis Hardy Zone- 2-11 Mature Height- 2-6ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Jewel Weed


Jewel Weed has vibrant green leaves, thin translucent stems and bright trumpet-shaped orange flowers that start blooming in the spring and show until the early fall, but it is not just for its looks that Jewelweed is highly prized. Instead, it is the plant's centuries-long use as an effective treatment for poison ivy and poison oak why people love growing it in their gardens so much.


Herbalists, botanists, and horticulturalists use Jewelweed on poison ivy and other severe skin rashes by cutting the stem and rubbing the juice onto the affected skin. Even clinical studies have proven its effectiveness.


Jewel Weed is effortless to take care of and will also attract honeybees and hummingbirds that arrive throughout the year to fertilize the plants.


Jewel Weed is a gorgeous perennial vine that is native to North America and can be found in many parts of the continent. It does have several other familiar names such as Spotted Touch Me Not, Orange Balsam, and Orange Jewelweed. These plants are great for color and will bloom from late in the springtime all the way in the months of autumn. The blooms are known to be super attractive to hummingbirds, bees and many beautiful species of butterflies. The flowers themselves are unique. They are an orange color that has almost a trumpet-like a shape to them. They also have red, yellow or white spots on the blooms. These are fantastic vines to incorporate into the landscape, especially in natural areas. They are natural growers and are quite adaptable to many different soil conditions. They do prefer moist soils with good drainage. Native Americans have created and used the juice from the foliage to treat things such as skin rashes. These vines are super easy to grow and require little to no maintenance, which is another reason they are favorites of gardeners and landscapers.



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Jewel Weed