Jewel Weed

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Latin Name- Capensis Hardy Zone- 2-11 Mature Height- 2-6ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Jewel Weed 


the scientific world is often referred to as impatiens. They may also more commonly be referred to as forget me not. They will do great in natural areas. This plant is also fantastic and will bring hummingbirds into a garden with the brightly colored orange flowers that it will produce. It will grow great in bright sunlight and even in partially shaded areas. The soil should be moist and creamy. They can often be found in ditches, river banks, and along the edges of forests. This plant supplies lots of gorgeous and vibrant color when they are in bloom. They look outstanding when planted in gardens and other areas. These plants are also very easy to grow. There are several different species or varieties of this plant. Some of them are annual plants, meaning that they will only produce flowers during the summer up until the first frost. Other species may be perennials, meaning that they may flower all year long. Typically, the plant will only be up to seven feet tall at maturity. This plant has beautiful foliage. Its leaves tend to be shiny, and the underside of them are thick and water resistant. The flowers this plant produces are typically shoe or horn-shaped spurs. This plant can also be used for herbal remedy uses. It is used as the treatment for bee stings or other insect bites. It is also commonly applied after coming in contact with poison ivy to prevent a rash from developing.
Jewelweed blooms between May and October. The leaves are oval and round-toothed, and the flowers hang similar to jewels on a necklace. The yellow flowers are the Pale Jewelweed, and the orange flowers with the dark red dots are the Spotted Jewelweed. It thrives in moist woods next to creek beds and not under a lot of direct sunlight.

Height: 2 to 5 feet

Soils: Wet to Moist conditions, Fertile

Sunlight: Light and Partial Sunlight

Jewel Weed Ships As – Bareroot Plant



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Jewel Weed