Horse Tail Grass

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Latin Name-Equisetum Hyemale Hardy Zone-4-9 Mature Height-2-4ft Width-1-6ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun

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Horse Tail 


Horse Tail is found in Alaska going south through Illinois and Pennsylvania, is a favorite landscape plant of gardeners. This landscaping favorite bears thin stems, making the plant a landscaping must have. 
Depending on individual taste, there are many ways in which a homeowner or business owner can install this versatile plant in their landscaping ideas. 

This species does not grow tall as it keeps a short height. This durable plant gives the appearance of fragility.Thousands of years old, with many close relativesThere are many members of the firn family, including the beautiful Horsetail Sedge. At one time in history, this plant was widely used in polishing. This fantastic plant, known in the past, prehistoric times, as the Scouring rushes, take its place among at least 9,000 various ferns.

Thousands of years ago, this plant was primarily the main plant on earth. People of the day found many uses for this species. This has not changed today. This plant known as phylum is widely used today in the energy field of coal and oil. This one particular species set in a group of eleven fern phylum plants. This plant is the number one among the oldest plants known to man.

Botanists point out that, technically, Equisetum hyemale has tiny leaves fused onto its stems. But the untrained eye notices only the attractive stems, which grow anywhere from 2 to 6 feet tall, depending on conditions. These stems are dark green at times (picking up some bronze color in winter) and hollow. Tiny ridges run vertically along the stems and contain silica, giving them the rough feel that earns the plant the common name, "rough horsetail." The stems, which are studded with nodes, largely owe their beauty to their striking black and cream-colored bands.  

 This plant has many uses in landscaping.Horse Tail Grass is an excellent wetland plant This grass makes a fantastic addition to any lake or pond area. It will grow well in moist soil conditions and full sunlight. Horse Tail Grass will also make an excellent plant for a water garden.

This plant works well along with an entrance sidewalk or as a fence or dividing line. Horsetail Sedge works well to accent garden areas by using the plant in the back of a garden space and planting smaller plants in front. This plant is a beautiful addition to a rock garden or in front of living room windows.If a homeowner has a pond or the house sits on a riverbank, this plant adds beauty to the areas. Many times this plant finds a home around spa areas. These are a few ideas in which to use this beautiful and versatile plant. Devise your amazing landscaping ideas and come up with designs that no one else has thought of doing.

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Horse Tail