Hop Sedge

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Latin Name- Carex Lupalina Hardy Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 1ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun


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Hop Sedge

Hop Sedge - Carex lupulina. A perennial sedge that is around one and a half to three feet tall; It has flowering culms and leaves, which are both colored light to medium green. The leaf blades alone can grow up to two feet in length. This sedge is unique in appearance, making it easy to differentiate from others in the sedge family. It is found in floodplain forests, impermanent woodland ponds or grassy marshes, and swamp openings. Geographically, it is located in central and eastern North America, mostly in the United States but occasionally found in Canada. It can be used ornamentally but is not very common. The Carex lupuliformis also was known as the Hop Sedge is a spiky flower natural to central and eastern North America. It usually produces anywhere from 4 to 7 rounded to triangular leaves. The Hop Sedge can grow up to 3' in height. It is one of the more abundant sedges and very easy to identify due to its large prickly pistillate spikelets and unusually large perigynia. The Hop Sedge is an excellent addition to any garden. With its unique look and size, it will readily be the centerpiece and conversation starter for all plant lovers and gardeners alike.

Hop Sedge is a Native Grass. Hop Sedge will look great when planted. This native grass will provide a very natural look when grown and is a perennial grass. Hop Sedge will bloom during May through September and will grow slightly fast and looks great around water gardens and other areas of water. The hop sedge is excellent for wet conditions. This plant is attractive for any sun conditions. The wetting soil is tolerant. Also, it is tolerant to acidic soil. Hop sedge gets its name because it's seed heads look like hops. Hop Sedge will give your pond and lake areas a very natural look. Hop Sedge will grow well in moist soil conditions around bodies of water. This grass does well around lakes and ponds. Hop Sedge will give a water garden a great look.



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Hop Sedge