Hazel Alder Seedlings

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Latin Name- ALNUS SERRULATA Zones 3-8 Mature height- 8-12 ft Mature Width- 20-30 ft Growth/year- 3 ft Sunlight- Full sun to part sun

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Hazel Alder Seedlings - Alnus Serrulata

The Hazel Alder Seedlings, or ”smooth alder,” is a thicket-forming perennial shrub that grows along banks of streams, ponds, and river. They are native in areas from New England south into Texas and Florida and as far west as Minnesota and Ohio. However, they will grow in zones 5-8, with moist soil that has a PH of 6.8-7.2.

Hazel Alder Seedlings have a smooth, brownish gray bark that has a strong aroma and a bitter taste.

It can grow multiple stems from its base. The twigs are a reddish brown color and have a three angled pith. The young twigs are covered in tiny hairs. Leaves of the Hazel Alder are broad, leathery, and oval shaped. They measure about 2”-4” long with distinctive impressed veins. The leaves have a V-shaped base and are dark green on the top and pale green underneath. The flowers bloom in early spring and can be either male or female. The male catkins droop down and are about 1 ½” – 2 1/2“ long. The female catkins grow at the ends of the branches and point up. They are about ½” long and produce small reddish-green flowers that open from March to April. The Hazel Alder also produces a cone-like fruit that ripens in the late fall and stays on the shrub throughout the winter.

Hazel Alder Seedlings has a fast growth rate and can grow 3 feet or more in a single year.

It will take ten years for it to mature and reach its full height of 5’-20’ tall. It is commonly used to stabilize and restore the banks along the ponds, rivers, and streams. A tea made from the bark is sometimes used to treat coughs, diarrhea, mouth pain, pain from childbirth and toothaches. The leaves, flowers, roots, and bark have been used as an astringent, diuretic and a purgative. This tree will need moist soil conditions. This tree, or large shrub, can be trimmed and maintain to be kept at the desired height of the owner. It will be great for bordering and has many uses.

Hazel Alder Seedlings