Hardstem Bulrush

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Latin Name-Schoenoplectus acutus Hardy Zone- 5-11 Mature Height- 4ft Width-3-6ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun
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Hard Stem Bulrush



Hardstem Bulrush can look amazing and provide a very natural look. This plant grows well when planted around lakes and ponds. It loves to be located in full sunlight and also loves very moist and wet soil conditions. These are outstanding perennials, and they grow back each year after they are planted. This type of grass supplies beautiful color and also creates an elegant look as it is growing. It has a yellowish tint to it when mature. This grass can grow to become up to three or more feet tall and also has small blooms on the ends of the stems that resemble seeds. It is incredible when planted around bodies of water or other wet locations and can be great to help with soil erosion problems. It also supplies a perfect place for small wildlife to hide and take shelter. This grass also brings birds that love to feed on the little tiny flowers that grow on the tops. This grass is very easy to grow and does not take any particular work at all. It is gorgeous how easy it is to grow to provide an exceptional look and feel to an area. It can be purchased from this great online nursery in small or large quantities and is received by the customer ready to plant. This nursery also offers very competitive prices on all of their plants. This grass is loved by homeowners or landscapers because it is beautiful and very natural looking as it grows.






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