Giant Reed Grass

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Latin Name- Bouteloua Curtipendula Hardy Zone- 6-11 Mature Height-20ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun
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Bouteloua Curtipendula, Giant Reeds

Giant Reeds is often used along Borders
Giant Reed is a great native grass to have around lakes and ponds. This grass will grow and will look a lot and resemble bamboo when growing. This plant looks similar to bamboo. The GIant reeds get its name because of their large stalks. Each stalk looks similar to bamboo and can be used for many purposes other than being planted. As the plant grows, the stem can be cut down and cut in half and applied to moves water, tied up as a boat or used in other ways. This plant can be used to help in soil erosion.

Giant Reed is a perennial grass and will come back every year.
Giant Reed will grow to be its full growth every year. It will grow well in moist and dry soil conditions. Giant Reed will take little care to get it to grow. Giant Reed will become established on a lawn or landscape very quickly.



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