Foxtail Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex vulpinoidea Hardy Zone- 3-7 Mature Height-3ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Carex Alopeciodea, Foxtail Sedge

Foxtail Sedge Grows
Foxtail Sedge will look great around water gardens and in natural areas. This grass is a perennial and will grow back every year so it will usually only need to be planted one time. Foxtail Sedge will grow best in the months on July and August. This plant is mainly found in the Northeastern part of the states. It is also classified as a perennial or a gammoid.

The Foxtail has many classifications, a sedge, perennial, grass or herbaceous plant. It is mainly found growing in the floodplains or open meadows. It has a tuft bloom and is very fluffy to the touch or soft. It mainly shows its bloom in the summer months. It can grow well in moist to dry conditions. It can be planted around your yard or a water area such as a lake or pond.

Foxtail Sedge will make a good sedge for an area around a water garden.
It will grow well in moist soils conditions and can also adapt to normal soils. Foxtail Sedge is excellent to plant where there are holes on a lawn where water will stand, it will love the moist soils in those conditions. Foxtail Sedge is a very easy grass to grow.


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