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Driftwood in Your Garden

Driftwood makes beautiful decor for any part of the house, but many don't think to take a piece and display it in their garden. It has a multitude of uses and can be used purely for decoration or functionally. If you have several hanging flower baskets, you can use to keep them all together. Simply hang a piece of longer driftwood horizontally from your porch and then hang the baskets onto the driftwood. You can take it a step further by painting beautiful designs onto the piece with whitewash. If hanging baskets from a piece of driftwood don't appeal to you, you may find that gluing several pieces of driftwood sticks onto pots can transform the look of your garden. Or take a large and empty vase or pot and stick driftwood in it with pieces of dried flowers or wheat to add depth. You can go as simple as hanging onto the walls of your porch or shed to showcase the intricacies that driftwood possesses. If you don't want to hang it anyway, you can just display it on a porch table or bench.

For outdoor spaces used to entertain guests, you can find a piece of driftwood that has been fashioned to hold an assortment of candles (tea candles, long candles, glass candles, whichever you prefer)! Some pieces of driftwood have even been made into cutting boards or serving boards, so you can impress your guests even more! For more decorative and functional purposes, you can look for driftwood items that have been made to hold vases. If you're looking to update your outdoor entertainment space with a new table, then you have even more potential to use driftwood. Look for an outdoor entertainment or dining table that is held up with a piece of crafted and sanded driftwood. You'll stun all of your guests and make your garden look like a beautiful beachy wonderland!