Driftwood Rustic Piece 8-10"

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Driftwood rustic piece 8-10"


Driftwood rustic pieces can be used to decorate and bring a garden and natural area to life. They look amazing when several pieces are stacked or placed on top of each other. They come in a wide variety of colors and are also unique as none are exactly alike. They add a very natural touch to garden areas and even gives beautiful birds a place to perch on while they are resting. They are great to decorate gardens and lawns with and provides gorgeous places to grow vines and place potted plants and flowers around. They add a great look to natural areas and are available in all different sizes. This size would range from eight to ten inches long and is open to being purchased from this great online plant nursery and is ready to use and decorate all garden areas when the consumer receives. This is a great way to bring life into a garden.


Sizes will vary


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