Crested Iris 6-14"

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Crested Iris - Iris germanica


The Crested Iris produces beautiful blooms that are blue-violet. The flowers appear in the early spring. The Crested Iris makes a beautiful, bordering plant. This perennial is an excellent plant for groundcover and quickly spreads to fill in any unwanted gaps in your garden. It makes for a beautiful addition to your rock garden as well. The delicate flowers go well with any plants, and it is easy to grow. The Crested Iris is also quite a drought tolerant. It is an addition you will want to add to your garden for a boost of beauty.


Crested Iris offers Diverse Color.


Crested Iris 6-14" will offer lots of colors to choose from. These are gorgeous flowers for a garden and natural areas. They will grow well most well-drained soils. These are great wildflower perennials and will come back every year adding spectacular color to all gardens and lawns. Bearded Iris will also come in a wide variety of colors.


The bearded iris is a beautiful plant. It will provide a beautiful color to your yard. The most common color is yellow and white. But there us many other colors. It has a long green stem. Plus the bearded iris is a great plant to have in your yard.




You can find the Bearded Iris ranging in colors such as blue, pink, purple, reddish, white, and yellow and even in multi-colored. Most of the Bearded Iris plants will bloom in the spring from April to June, but some of them will bloom a second time in the summer and fall. The second flower that blooms is not as vivid and showy as the first, but the flower will last well into the fall.



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Written by Calvin H on 6th May 2016

Hill must!

I am filling in a bank with this groundcover, it is looking really good. Put the first in year before last.