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Chestnut Oak



Chestnut Oak is a native oak tree that can be found in the eastern areas of the United States. This Oak grows well in deciduous hardwood forests of the eastern United States. This tree is known to grow well in dry rocky soils that other trees cannot grow in. Chestnut Oak is a long-living tree that can grow and live for as much as two hundred years. Chestnut Oak is sometimes confused with a similar species to call Swamp Chestnut Oak, but Chestnut Oak has thicker darker bark.




Acorn Bread
Ingredients needed-


1 cup of freshly made acorn meal


Three teaspoons of baking powder


One teaspoon of salt


Three tablespoons of sugar


1 cup of standard white flour


1beaten egg


1 cup of regular milk


Three tablespoons of oil


Directions –


1.Begin making the acorn bred by mixing the acorn meal, sugar, flour, salt, and baking powder. Then Mix the Egg, oil, and milk in a separate bowl.


2. Next stir liquid mixes into the dry much gently and makes sure to get it well mixed. Pour batter into a well-greased baking pan.


3. Place the pan in an oven set at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as thirty minutes.


4. When brown and cooked remove from oven and top with butter.


The Chestnut Oak and is very popular
Bright, vibrant colors make this tree a fall favorite. The bark on this tree is large and thick which makes it easy to recognize from other oak trees. Deer, birds, squirrels and even humans love the acorns that it produces. The acorns can be made into bread, flour or eaten plain. This tree produces a yellow flower during the early spring months. These Blooms can be pollinated by both bees and butterflies and wind pollination which can carry the light pollen to other blooms.




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