Cherokee Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex cherokeensis Hardy Zone- 6-9 Mature Height-12-19inch Sun Or Shade- Full Sun


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Cherokee Sedge - Carex Cherokeensis

The Cherokee Sedge is a long-lived, perennial grass that grows in compact mounds. It is a native plant that grows from Texas to Florida and as far north as Ohio. It can grow in zones 6-9.

This green plant will reach it’s full height of 12”-18” in just one year. It grows best in moist, wet soil with medium water use and partial shade. However, it has been known to be somewhat drought tolerant. The Cherokee sedge is resistant to diseases, deer, insects and foot traffic. The stem of the Cherokee sedge is long and green. The leaves are a shiny dark green evergreen. They measure 6”-12” long and just ½” wide and gracefully droop down. At the top you can find small greenish-white scaly flowers that bloom from April until June They have seed spikes in the shape of wheat that mature in the fall. These flowers will attract a variety of songbirds and pollinators. Many landscapers use the Cherokee Sedge as a ground cover, an accent plant, as a border along the edges of streams and ponds or as a low maintenance filler. No matter how you decide to use this green plant, you are sure to love it for many years to come.

Cherokee Sedge will look great and grow great when planted in areas that will have very moist soil conditions but can also grow where the soil is dry. The Cherokee Sedge is a native grass or can be classified as a perennial. There is no bloom on the Cherokee Sedge; it stays lush and green through the spring and summer months. This sedge is found growing in the southeastern states from Tennessee down to the Gulf States. It is a versatile sedge because it can tolerate both heat and cold weather. It is deer resistant and has long green stems. Most people only plant this around ponds, but with the look, it can be used around natural areas or water gardens. Cherokee Sedge is an excellent grass for fields and lawns. This is a very slow spreading grass. Cherokee Sedge also does well in moist and dry soil conditions. Cherokee Sedge is practically maintenance free. It will look beautiful when growing.

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Cherokee Sedge - Carex Cherokeensis