California Privet Hedge

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Latin Name- Ligustrum Ovalifolium Hardy Planting Zone- 5-8 Mature Height- 10-15 ft Width- 3-5 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade
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California Privet - Ligustrum ovalifolium





California Privet is a bountiful shrub that grows rapidly and thoroughly. Used as a natural hedge, there are very few shrubs as hearty as the California Privet. Evergreen in all seasons, it can withstand harsh winter weather. As with many hedge plants, it can be carefully trimmed and pruned to give it a neat border appearance. If allowed to grow freely, the California Privet certainly doesn't disappoint with its flowering white buds in the spring season! Shiny, small, dark berries bloom in both summer and autumn. The California Privet attracts beautiful butterflies and birds and can reach a height and width of 15 feet.




California Privet is a perennial, semi-evergreen bush. This plant is substantially used as a hedge. In mid-Summer this plant produces an abundance of white flowers, that may not smell appealing to some. This plant is also known as Japanese Privet.




California Privet is one of the most famous hedges and plants of the United States of America.




It is a kind of a perennial shrub which can grow small or tall. It consists of little oval-shaped leaves which are dark green at the top and yellow at the bottom. This plant flowers white scented flowers in the early days of summer. It does not require much care and maintenance.



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