Button Bush Live Stakes

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CEPHALANTHUS OCCIDENTALIS Zone: 2 to 10 Mature Height: 3-20ft Mature Width: 3-10ft Sunlight: Partial shade
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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Button Bush Live Stakes

Button Bush Live Stakes - Cephalanthus occidentalis. A Button Bush Live Stakes is a pretty shrug that has glossy foliage. Its cream-colored flowers come in round, one-inch clusters that slowly ripen into achenes. Button Bush Live Stakes is related to coffee bushes and comes with oval leaves that grow opposing each other on the stem or grow in whorls. Because of a significant amount of nectar in the flowers, this shrub is often found in butterfly gardens. Other wildlife like deer and bees are also attracted to the bush. The shrub's mature height is between three and twenty feet tall, and the mature width is between three and ten feet.

Button Bush Live Stakes plant well in bulk
Live stakes such as Button Bush trees are more accessible to plant than bare root plants because they require less room to start with a more comfortable work to plant. The Button Bush Live Stakes is easily recognized because of its small button size, full bloom, and slight fruit. They can be seen growing in marshes, swampy areas and places where they can get a lot of moisture. The blooms are around the size of a ping-pong ball. Deer love the leaves, while hummingbirds and bees love the flowers because of their nectar. This small tree can be planted both in water or on land. The leaves are in shape of an egg or an oval. Its blooms notice this plant and recognized by its leaves. The seed heads are brown. Many fish and aquatic animals love this plant. The Button Bush is an ideal garden shrub. This bush is a classic garden shrub and a lawn ornament favorite. The bloom is small and very fuzzy. The buttonbush shrub is used as an ornamental piece because of its large flowers.


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