Bull Pine Seedlings

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Latin Name- Pinus Ponderosa Hardy Planting Zone- 3-7 Mature Height- 60-100 ft Width- 25-30 Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun
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Bull Pine Seedlings


Bull Pine Seedlings is an evergreen and is also nicknamed Blackjack. It will need soils that are deep and well drained. This tree is low maintenance and is also deer tolerant. It will be beautiful throughout the entire year with its beautiful green needles. It has lovely bark that is both elegant and peaceful in appearance. The bark is black and will stand out in a landscape.




Bull Pine
Botanical Latin Name: Pinus Ponderosa Var. Ponderosa
Common Names: Bull Pine, Pacific Ponderosa Pine, Ponderosa Pine and Western Yellowpine
Sun Exposure: Full Sun
Hardiness Zones: USDA Zones 3-7
Mature Height: 50-100 Feet Tall
Spread: 30-40 Feet
Spacing: 1-3 meters apart for 1-2-year-old plants
Growth Rate: A 2-year-old seedling will grow to a height of 6 feet in 6 years. The growth rate is rapid.
Flowering Time: October and November
How long are flowers: As long as the tree is alive, it produces the needles
Flower color: Not showy
Soil Requirements: The Bull Pine will grow in very sandy soils as well as areas with very little topsoil
Pruning: To develop larger crowns, thinning should be done as the tree grows older
Flower Form: The bottom half of the tree is usually without branches. The top is often cone-shaped. The bark is typically orange-brown with a scaly plate-like appearance. Twigs are stout, with an orange-brown color and rough. The needles are dark green, pointed and bundle in clumps of 3. Buds are up to 2 cm long, and 1 cm wide, and colored red-brown with white fringed scale margins. The Bull pine has a lush green color and pleasant odor.