Broom Sedge

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Latin Name- Carex Bromoides Hardy Zone- 2-10 Mature Height- 1-2ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun
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Broom Sedge - Andropogon Virginicus

Broom Sedge is a short lived perennial grass that is also know as broomsedge bluestem, yellowsedge bluestem and whisky grass. It is native from the southeast U.S. up to the Great Lakes region. It is extremely fire resistance and rapidly grows back. It thrives in poor, sandy soils. It grows in narrow clumps of stems that are 1 1/3” – 3” tall. Usually the old leaves and culms are still on the plant when the new ones begin to appear. The new culms, or hollow stems, are light to medium green and have tiny hairs on them. They can be slightly tapered to slightly flattened and are usually hidden by sheaths. The leaves are also a light to medium green. As they age, they turn a purplish to an orange color. Both the leaves and the culms turn straw colored with age. They produce huge amounts a seeds that are spread by the wind.

Broom Sedge is usually grown in pastures and grazing ranges, as well as meadows, fields and grasslands. They can also be used as a background plant in landscaping. They provide birds and small animals with food and nesting materials. The Cherokee would use the stems to make a yellow dye. Brome Sedge will have a bright green leaf and will also have a great shine. This grass is a fast grower and can grow up to 2 feet in a year. Brome Sedge works great around water gardens also. Brome sedge is excellent to use as a border. This plant has bright leaves. The wetting soil is tolerant. It is a fast grower. This plant is tolerant to rabbits. Brome sedge is perfect for any garden. Brome Sedge will look like a masterpiece around ponds and water gardens. This sedge does good in moist and dry soil varieties. Brome Sedge will work great around ponds and lakes. Brome Sedge also gives a unique touch to water gardens. Brome Sedge will provide a natural look at walkways and looks excellent anywhere planted. The Brome Sedge is very easy to care for.


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