Broom Sedge

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Latin Name- Carex Bromoides Hardy Zone- 2-10 Mature Height- 1-2ft Sun Or Shade-Full Sun
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Carex Bromoides, Brome Sedge 


Brome Sedge will have a bright green leaf and will also have a great shine. This grass is a fast grower and can grow up to 2 feet in a year. Brome Sedge works great around water gardens also.


Brome sedge is excellent to use as a border. This plant has bright leaves. The wetting soil is tolerant. It is a fast grower. This plant is tolerant to rabbits. Brome sedge is perfect for any garden.


Brome Sedge will look like a masterpiece around ponds and water gardens.
This sedge does good in moist and dry soil varieties. Brome Sedge will work great around ponds and lakes. Brome Sedge also gives a unique touch to water gardens. Brome Sedge will provide a natural look at walkways and looks excellent anywhere planted. The Brome Sedge is very easy to care for.


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