Box Huckleberry Shrub

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Type-Fruit Bearing, Latin Name-Gaylussacia brachycera Hardy Zones 3-8

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Box Huckleberry Shrub - Gaylussacia brachycera.

Box Huckleberry Shrub is an evergreen. The Box Huckleberry is a low North America shrub usually between 6 to 8 inches in height and has leaves that resemble those of the boxwood. The Box Huckleberry blooms in May and June with a beautiful white, urn-shaped flower and the blueberry-esque fruits appear in July and August. Its evergreen leaves, because they lack resin, are glossy and different than other similar shrubs. While you can find them here, in general, they are difficult to find commercially or in nurseries because they are difficult to propagate. The Box Huckleberry is also beginning to be used in landscaping as it provides ground cover along with flowers and fruits.

Box Huckleberry Shrub is a shrub that is native to North America. This shrub has green leaves that resemble the boxwood. During the summer months, the bush grows blueberries that are editable. By the end of the summer, the berries are ready to be picked. Species of this plant have been traced back to being in existence 1,300 years ago. The leaves are long and oval shaped. In the winter the leaves turn red. Before the shrub produces fruit, it has a white power with a tint of pink in it. The berries are eaten by many different animals and are safe for humans. They can be used in various types of pies. People also grow this shrub in their yard to see the beauty of the blueberries. The Box Huckleberry is a low lying shrub. This shrub produces one inch long green leaves that turn red in the winter. The plant is an evergreen that produces flowers in May and June that are white and shaped like an urn. It bears fruit in the form of berries in July and August that are blue and formed on pedicels. The shrub is most commonly found in Appalachia and is a sterile plant that reproduces by cloning itself by extending its roots. It is most likely the oldest plant in North America at 13,000 years old.

Box Huckleberry Shrub