Box Elder Live Stakes

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Latin Name- ACER NEGUNDO USDA Climate Zone: 3 - 8 Tree Height: 30 - 60 Feet Tree Width: 20 - 40 Feet Full Shade
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Box Elder Live Stakes



Box Elder Live Stakes have soft wood, so it is not commonly classified as a useful wood. The box elder is mainly used for its ornamental purposes. They can be found growing along riverbanks, woody areas and places where moisture occurs. On live stakes and younger trees, the bark can be found smoother than older more mature trees; the bark will soon become rough and rigid. The twigs look a slight purple color because of its waxy film or coat. They are small but can thicken out as the tree matures. Although the leaves have five leaflets in one area, they look similar to poison oak, but it has three leaves.

The Box Elder tree has a small fragrant or pleasant aroma to the bark. The trees are both male and female. Many homeowners plant this tree because it has a large canopy spread of up to 36 feet and produces a lot of shade. The leaf color is a light green with a dark green underside. It turns golden yellow in the autumn months. The crown is large and round.

Box Elder live stakes are very easy to work with and are great for planting and getting trees started on a lawn or landscape.
Box Elder will be great in moist, well-drained soils and full. Box Elder will make well-shaded areas and also works well against soil erosion. If you are looking for a small tree to start out with and then watch its glory grow then the Box Elder is the tree for you! This tree is a fast grower and can grow over 3 feet per year. It grows best in the rich, loamy soil.