Bog Blueberry

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Botanical Name: Vaccinium uliginosum L. Family: Ericaceae – Hardy Zones 3-9
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Bog Blueberry

Bog Blueberry - Vaccinium uliginosum. This salt-tolerant, long-lived perennial shrub is native to the temperate climates in the mountains, subalpine, moors, tundra, and deciduous-coniferous forests. It prefers moist conditions, full sun to partial shade, and acidic soil. Hardy in zones 2-9, it's aptly known as Bog Whortleberry, Bog Bilberry, Alpine Blueberry, and Western Blueberry. It grows woody from 1-2 feet in the first two years and some up to 3 feet in the third year. The pitcher-shaped flowers bloom from May to June and are white to rose colored. The fragrance attracts birds and pollinators. The edible berries are ready to harvest from mid-July to September. In fall, the leaves display various hues, covering the full spectrum.

The Bog Blueberry is a shrub that is known to spread across the ground, or it may grow upright. Young branches are yellow-green and more mature plants tend to be grayish-red. The leaves of the Bog Blueberry are deciduous and usually are oval. The flowers are pink, and the berries it produces are edible with a sweet, sweet taste. Even the leaves have been known for their medicinal purposes especially in teas. Bog Blueberries are perennial, and the plants produce new growth every spring. The Bog Blueberry is also known as the Alpine Blueberry, Lowbush Blueberry, or Bilberry. It is a beautiful addition to any garden and produces very delicious fruit. Bog Blueberry has fruits and seed production, and this happens in the summer months, and it continues until the summer ends. This tree can be found in nurseries, garden stores, or the other plant dealers. The Bog Blueberry is a low-lying perennial shrub. The plant has dark green foliage with pink flowers and blue fruit. This plant has moderate growth to it, and it blooms in the early summer months. It will prefer a full sun environment and appreciates soils that are sandy or loamy in their compositions. It is a moderate grower and will begin to bear fruit before you know it! The blueberries are sweet and perfect to include in pancakes, pies or make into something such as a jam or jelly. They are also perfect for just grabbing a snack during the day as they are so delicious and healthy! Try some blueberries in the garden for a sweet and delightful addition to the landscape.

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