Black Pine Tree

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Black Pine Tree - Pinus Nigra

Black pine tree - Pinus Nigra. Also known as the Austrian pine tree, the black pine tree is a fast-growing but long-lived coniferous evergreen native to the forests of the Mediterranean. The dark green trees grow in a conical shape that becomes irregular over time, can grow to 180 feet in height, and can live for over 500 years. The black pine tends to thrive in full sun but is tolerant snow, ice, wind, and drought. The black pine is used for both lumber in the United Kingdom and in gardens, parks, and along streets as an ornamental tree in the United States and Canada.

Black Pine Tree grows on the West Coast. This is often called the Spruce pine and is found in the southern area of the U.S on the coast from South Carolina to Florida and even west through Louisiana. These trees are mostly found in woodlands and are more tolerant to shade than other trees. Some people refer to them as the Sand Pine. Black Pine Tree has long skinny dark glossy green needles and small cones that are 4-6 cm long.

The Black Pine tree, also known as the Pinus Nigra is a massive tree. The needles are dark green, but in specific areas can look black. It is coniferous, the enormous tree grows mainly in Turkey but can be planted in the United States. The bark is quite distinctive and is rough to the tough. Many kids just can't wait to go up and pull them off because they look like they are just hanging there. The cone can be seen growing small in the spring months and growing until early fall when they fall to the ground.

It can be found growing from Oregon to South California. This is a very adaptable tree and can grow well in many different types of climates and soil conditions. The black pine tree has a thick, massive trunk and the trunk poses a darker black color which gives it its name. This tree can be planted in pots and containers and kept small by pruning, or it can be planted in the ground and let go. This tree is an excellent choice because of the style and color.

Black Pine Tree