Black Oak Seedlings

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Black Oak Seedlings



Black oak seedlings grow beautifully on land that is rich and moist, although they will also live several hundred years on sandy, dry ground if watered regularly and if the soil drains well. They do well on both flat ground and slopes and will thrive on land that gets lots of light ultimately growing shiny broad green leaves.


As they grow, the black oak becomes a consistent seed producer as well as a tree that produces both pretty hanging catkins and an abundant crop of acorns. Acorns will appear every year and will mature every two. This makes the tree an excellent choice for those who love to attract the local wildlife as squirrels, deer, and birds will appear to eat the acorns as they fall.


Black Oak Seedlings are well recognized for the dark black bark and beautiful foliage that it will provide in a landscape. This tree will grow in just about any soil compositions. The leaves are a dark green color and will provide a fantastic backdrop for other plants and flowers in the garden area. It is also great for adding shade.


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