Black Haw Viburnum

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Name- Viburnum Prunifolium Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 12-25 ft Width- 10-12 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Black Haw Viburnum – Viburnum prunifolium

Black Haw Viburnum – Viburnum prunifolium. Black haw belongs to the species of Viburnum that grow native in the eastern United States. You can find these plants from Kansas to Texas and all the way over to Connecticut. Black haw is a small tree that reaches a height of seven to 30 feet. In northern areas of the United States, black haw grows a shrub, and it becomes a small tree in the southern portion of the United States.

Black haw has a short, crooked trunk with branches spreading outwards. On the stem, the bark is reddish-brown with a rough texture. Branchlets start off red, then turn green and dark brown. Leaves cover the black haw, typically 9 cm long and 6 cm wide, in an oval shape with serrated edges.

From May to June, creamy white flowers cover the plant, thriving in full sun to part shade. Black haw is easy to grow, preferring well-draining locations and average soil. This shrub tolerates drought well. Be sure to prune Black haw immediately after flowering to ensure flowers bud the following year.

As the flowers disappear, blue-black, berry-like drupes form and stay until the winter. These fruits attract birds and butterflies, and they are edible for humans as well.

The Black Haw Viburnum is a shrub that produces small delicate flowers in the spring that stand out against its vibrant green leaves. The leaves turn a vibrant red and purple color in the fall and in the winter berrylike drapes replace the blades. These berrylike drapes provide food for wildlife and birds. The Black Haw Viburnum if allowed to can also flourish into a beautiful tree. It will attract plenty of butterflies and birds in the summer as well. It does well at adapting to many different soil types, and it will produce edible black fruit. It also provides a very lovely shaded canopy during the hot summer months.

The Black Haw Viburnum can be a significant tree. It can also be a shrub. The leaves on this plant can be a dark green color. In the fall this plant turns a brilliant purple shade or a bright red burgundy. It grows flowers, and then it grows small blue-black fruit. The flowers it grows are a lovely white color. They thrive well in any soil conditions. That means this plant can be planted anywhere. It will do great wherever you plant it. It can be used for landscaping, gardens, alone, as borders, or pretty much anywhere you want to use it. This tree or shrub can bring your home some beauty. It is charming to look at and watch it grow.

Black Haw Viburnum has medicinal uses
Black Haw Viburnum has dark green leaves in the spring that begin to turn a purplish color throughout the Autumn. Beautiful white flowers adorn this plant during the spring and summer time.


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Black Haw Viburnum