Arrowwood Viburnum

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Latin Name- Viburnum Dentatum Hardy Planting Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 6-15 ft Width- 6-5 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Arrowwood Viburnum shrubs are quite versatile 

Arrowwood Viburnum has lush, green, toothed leaves that turn a range of colors from yellow to wine-red in the fall months. Equally beautiful are the clusters of petite white flowers which precede stunning, dark blue berries. Arrowwood Viburnum is also very tolerant of any shade condition. This, together with being pest-free, disease understanding, and adaptable to drought or flood makes this shrub suitable for any place in your yard or garden you can imagine. It can grow from six to eight feet making it a dominant fixture amid the flora. Arrowwood Viburnum also attracts birds and butterflies which will dance around it and squirrels to scurry through its branches. You get maximum enjoyment with minimum effort. Twigs will be slender and typically will have ¼ inch buds on them. It has dark glossy green deciduous elliptical foliage. The leaves are serrated and have an opposite arrangement on the branches.

The Viburnum Dentatum blooms between May and July. The white flowers will bloom in clusters that will spread two to four inches across. In fall the flowers drop, and oval drupes of purplish-black berries take their place on the plant. Fall foliage ranges from a faded green to a faded color effect with shades of Burgundy, Orange, Red, and Yellow.

Arrowwood Viburnum are perfect for all landscapes that can fit a medium to primarily sized shrub. Would make an excellent hedge or border.

This shrubbery makes a beautiful food and covers for migrating birds. Also can become a good home for butterflies and moths. Line your entrance walkway with them for a lovely formal walkway. Those participating in Naturalize landscaping will find this to be the best shrub option for their landscape.
Will also look lovely as a stand-alone shrub in your landscape. A wet area of a yard that other plants cannot tolerate is the perfect spot for the Arrowwood Viburnum. It is an excellent choice for nearly any landscape. To keep them contained, suckers should be removed, and the shrubs should be pruned yearly.

Several butterfly types are attracted to these Arrowwood Viburnum

Four-inch white flowers appear in the spring. Bluish clusters of berries in attractive red, yellow or purple foliage appear in the fall. The leaves are two to four and one-half inches long and one to four inches wide. They have a slight heart shape. Leaves pucker between the prominent veins. They will be either a flat dark green or shiny. Bird activity is prevalent in yards having these shrubs. Cover, nesting sites, and food are provided for birds. The berries are part of the diets of birds, butterflies, and moths.

 Arrowwood Viburnum