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Trumpet Vines


The trumpet vine (Campsis radicans) gets its name from the multitude of trumpet-shaped blooms it produces. A perennial vine that is also known as the trumpet creeper.

The vines overgrow in any soil type and will reach a mature length of around 40 feet in one growing season. Blooms will not be produced until the trumpet vine is 5-7 years old. Those grown in full sun will produce more blooms than those grown in partial shade. A mature vine will bloom from mid-summer until fall.

Hardy in planting zone 4-9, the plant produces woody vines that can withstand most winter climates. Vines can be pruned and kept at the desired length.

The orange, trumpet-shaped blooms attract butterflies and other pollinators. The vines will re-seed themselves but can be kept in check by removing spent blooms.

Ideal for planting on steep slopes as a ground cover, cover an arbor or pergola to provide colorful shade.


Butterfly Plants are easy to care for and hardy plants.



Coneflowers (echinacea) are famous for their easy-care beauty, pollen production, and medicinal uses. This colorful perennial butterfly plant is hardy in planting zones 3-9 and is not picky about soil conditions.

Coneflowers are members of the daisy family and are hardy native plants that thrive in every location, from meadows to prairies.

These hardy plants produce an open-faced bloom on a single, erect stalk, making them an excellent cutting flower. The flat, open-faced bloom is an ideal landing spot for butterflies.

Coneflowers produce blooms from early summer through fall, and bloom colors range from purple to orange to yellow.

The hardy plant will grow in almost any soil condition, is drought and heat tolerant, and needs minimal maintenance. After the plant has finished blooming in late fall, cut or mow it down to 1-2 inches.


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