Burning Bush

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Burning Bush also known as Euonymus alatus

Burning Bush plant is instantly recognizable due to its bright crimson leaves that are broad and ovate-elliptic. It provides a burst of autumnal color anywhere it's planted. This plant can grow up to an incredible 15 feet in height over about ten years. The Burning Bush is very easy to take care of because they're known to be hardy, especially in zones 4-8. They survive in most soil types, even the alkaline variety, but they do grow best in soil that's both moist and slightly acidic. Perhaps best of all is that this plant is drought resistant and can even grow with limited access to sunlight.

The color of the Burning Bush is second to none

In shadier areas, its leaves appear to be more of a faded pink or even yellow. Only some minor pruning is recommended to keep this plant healthy. Just trim off dead branches and leaves to maintain its shape. Closely monitor the bush for fungal issues and pests. If any pests are discovered, this can be addressed with a straightforward application of horticultural oil sprays, such as neem oil. This plant won't just add a beautiful, vibrant color to the garden.

The Burning Bush attracts wildlife

Little birds, in particular, love the Burning Bush because in late spring, from May to June, the plant develops tiny flowers that eventually become small berries. These berries go on to mature through the late fall. The plant's distinctive winged shape makes for a dramatic addition to every garden and has an open structure that won't overshadow other nearby plants. The Burning Bush is, therefore, a good fit for garden beds and borders. For gardens that have more limited space available, it is also available in a "dwarf" version. The plant is shipped in bare root form so the bush can be planted almost immediately.

Burning Bush Ships as bare root