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Blue Blooming Plants

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Downy Lobelia - Lobelia Puberula

Looking for some showy color in the yard, Downy Blue Lobelia will come through in spades. This versatile plant is comfortable to reside in any of the lower 48 states blooming in the late summer. The blue flower plant is not selective about soil type and can grow between 3-5 feet in height. Not only is it an attractive flowering plant, but it is also known to have medicinal properties. Hummingbirds, butterflies as well as other pollinators are attracted to its flowers. The plants will thrive in full sun to partial shade. They will die back in winter only to return in spring.

Blue blooming plants are one of the most popular colors

Big Leaf Hydrangea - Hydrangea macrophylla

For a showcase of blue flowers in the landscapes found in zones 6-9, look no further than the spectacular hydrangea bush. Clusters of blue flowers surrounded by lovely serrated green leaves will take full sun but prefer partial shade. It thrives in 5.2-5.5 soil pH and likes moist but not wet soil. Spring or fall is the best time to plant. Pine needles make a suitable mulch for a proper pH level and to keep moisture around the base. Prune yearly after the blooms have faded and only remove the stems, not the branches for flowering the next year.

Blue blooming plants add a spectacular burst of color to any home garden or landscape

Lesser Periwinkle - Vinca Minor

Often used as a ground cover, this flowering vine proliferates to provide dense coverage. Outside, it does well in zones 4-11 but can be cultivated with indoor potting in containers. The flowers appear in spring and remain until fall, beautifully framed by glossy deep green foliage. The maximum height is around 8 inches if in more shaded areas. This trailing vine does well in outdoor hanging baskets on the porch or patio. It likes moist soil having full sun to partial shade lighting. When the plant matures, the vine becomes woody in texture.


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