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Bloom Color Lets You Choose An Array of Different Color Perennial Plants from TN Nursery

Our website lets you enter your zip code and quickly discover which gorgeous perennials will flourish in your planting zone, climate, and geographical area. Then tell us where and what your plant purposes and needs are to use our usage guidelines.

Bloom Color sometimes depends on the soil and the sunlight that the plant gets.

Following are just some examples of beautiful and unusual perennials and their variety of colors in their fragrant flowers:


Yarrow – Fill up a garden or yard fast and in numerous colors such as red, pink, white, yellow, purple, orange, and peach. Choose the shades that will match or complement your home.


Coneflowers – A North American native, these classic flowers produce beautiful blooms in various colors beginning in early June and not ending until the first frost. They boast durability and longevity.


Peony – These flowers are incredible, full, fluffy, and fragrant. Pink seems to be the most popular color, but lavender, coral, and white hues are also beautiful. 

Bloom Color includes blue, pink, yellow, white, purple, red, and many other colors.

Lady's Mantle – This 18-inch-tall plant glistens with tiny chartreuse flowers and gray-green velvety leaves. It blooms from late spring through early summer.


Foam Flower – This 10-inch-high plant has pink cones for top leaves, burgundy stripes, and smells sweet.


Bleeding Heart – 10-to 15-inch-tall stems have deep pink blooms that dangle and bloom from mid to late summer.


Daylily – These colorful flowers are ideal for beginning gardeners because they survive through anything and require very little maintenance. The buds only bloom for one day, but each stem usually has blooms that will flower at different times.


Delphinium – When these purple and blue blooms appear in the yard, you can cut them and bring them inside and display them in a vase, where there will be new petals shortly.


Hydrangea – This is another colorful perennial shrub that grows back larger and fuller every year, so plant them where there is plenty of room for them to grow.


Tickseed – Also known as Crème Brûlée, the flowers are butter-yellow. On their graceful and feathery stems, they can grow to two feet high and can last into October.



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