Blood Root Plant

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Blood Root - Sanguinaria Canadensis Hardy Planting Zones- 3-8 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 6" Mature Width- 6-10" Bloom Season – April, May Gardener Status - Beginner

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Blood Root  - Sanguinaria Canadensis

Blood Root is a charming, herbaceous perennial plant, also known as bloodwort, whose creamy white flowers open in the sun and close at night. It requires moist, humus-rich soil that drains well. Hardy in Zones 3-8, bloodroot prefers partial to full shade. Growing to a height of 12 inches, each grayish-green stalk produces a single white flower centered with yellow stamens and blooms from early spring through mid to late summer. Blood Root spreads quickly, making it an ideal ground cover. It can be propagated through rhizome division or seeds. This beautiful plant will colonize and provide years of enjoyment in your landscape.

Blood Root is a plant with quite the history, bloodroot is a beautiful addition to the perfect garden!

Blood Root is a plant that produces pollen but not nectar, so do not expect to attract sweet sucking butterflies. However, the occasional bee may be lured in, searching in vain for something to swallow. As alternative medicine goes, this plan was used by natives to North America as an emetic and respiratory aid, as well as purposed for several other uses. Native Americans also found they could use bloodroot as a natural red dye to paint and color with.
Simply put, there is loads of opportunity with such a precious plant! Blood Root will supply a beautiful white bloom to be enjoyed.

Blood Root looks great when added to all areas around a home or business.

It will give a very natural look at gardens. The blooms on this plant do not last for very long. This plant will bloom in March and April. It can also work well as a ground cover around trees. The Blood Root is fantastic because the seeds from this plant get carried and divided by ants. Blood Root is a very fast spreading plant and will look great in natural areas. It will provide a very natural look when grown and blooming. Blood Root will do well where the soils are very rich. Blood Root is also a medicinal plant.

Blood Root can be found in several medications. Blood Root has been used for many, many years in aiding with common ailments like colds, headaches and stomach pains or cramps. This plant is a small to medium grower depending on who you ask and can pack a considerable punch with color and beauty. Blood Root Has Lots of uses. Blood Root can be grown for medicinal purposes. It will be effortless to grow and take care. This plant will also love locations where the soils are moist. Blood Root would grow well around bodies of water where sunlight is fewer.

Blood Root