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Winter Plants That Are Perfect

Posted by Garden Delights nursery on Feb 09, 2015

Best Plants For Winter

When winter rolls around, it is hard to not long for the color that your garden or landscape once had during the spring and summer months. However, there are many plants that offer winter interest and will brighten up your landscape with color and beauty. Here are some top choices. The Boxwood Evergreen is an excellent choice! It will be a broad range of height, depending on how you trim it. This shrub can handle a tough pruning, and you can cut it however you want without harming it. It will need moist soil conditions and can grow in just about any light condition. It is a perfect shrub for creating some natural privacy or hedging around your property and will be green throughout the entire year. It is an attractive shrub, and many varieties are offered so you can have your pick. These shrubs are easy to grow and care. Winterberry is another great pick for winter color. This plant will also need soils that are wet and acidic in their compositions. It is the perfect winter ornamental plant and will give interest throughout the year. The spring will bring tiny white blooms and once winter arrives; it shines. It will produce bright red berries that will be accented by the branches of this plant and will be a plant that catches your eye every time you venture outdoors. Witch Hazel is another top pick. It is best suited for climate zones three through nine and will be anywhere from fifteen to thirty feet tall, depending on conditions. It is a fast-growing tree, reaching up to three feet in a single year. It will need a full sunlight to partially shaded environment with soils that are acidic and moist. This tree also offers medicinal uses. Try one of these plants, or the many others offered for color throughout the entire year.