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Winter Creeper

Native to China, Japan, and Korea, wintercreeper, also known as creeping euonymus (Euonymus fortunei), is an evergreen ground cover that also grows as a climbing vine. This particular vine climbs over anything in its path, including full-grown trees.

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Winter creeper tolerates a wide range of growing conditions. It will grow in full sun to deep shade on acidic soils, low nutrient soils, and bare garden-variety fertile soils. One condition that it does not like is heavy wet soil.

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Its leaves are glossy dark green, oval-shaped, and slightly toothed. The one to two and a half inch-long leaves grow opposite each other on light-colored vines. The small, five-petaled, greenish flowers grow on long, branched stalks and produce small, round, pink-red capsules that expose their seeds when they split open.

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