Willow Trees Are Elegant And Graceful

Posted by Dennis Sons on Jul 16, 2014

This tree originates from China and means immortality and rebirth. These trees are usually planted near lakes or ponds. You can also find them in gardens and parks. They typically grow between thirty-five and fifty feet. Occasionally you will see that it will reach a height of seventy feet. The most common Willow tree is the Weeping Willow. It got its name by saying the rain drops look similar to tears falling from the branches. The fruit that the Weeping Willow grows resembles a small brown capsule. The leaves are usually green and then change to yellow in the fall. However, in the winter the tree sheds its leaves. The tree has very long and deep roots which can prevent erosion. Some people plant them in flooding areas because the roots will absorb large amounts of water. It can contribute to medicine. A compound taken from the bark is used to produce aspirin. Some people even chew bark to reduce fever and inflammation. They are also used to make furniture, toys and even clothes. 

Willows tend to live up to thirty years. They are very low maintenance, but they do have to be watered and pruned occasionally. Willows attract bees due to the amount of nectar. Like humans, trees can get sick as well. You will know if your tree is sick by a white powdery covering on the leaves. Another type of a tree is the corkscrew. This tree can grow up to thirty feet, and the branches are twisted which is how it gets its name. Animals like elk, deer and moose flock to the Willow tree for shade and to feed on the stems of the trees. Other animals like rabbits and grouse will eat off the Willow tree also. Willow trees are also known for producing male and female flowers. They are the first trees to populate a new area. They prefer to grow in cool, moist soil. Willow trees are very fast growers and grow between eight to ten feet per year. They need plenty of space to grow because they grow tall.