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Wild Ginger Plant

Posted by Tammy Sons on Mar 22, 2018

Asarum Canadensis Wild Giner- A Verstile and lovely ground cover

Wild ginger plants are also known as asarum, a genus of plants. Wild ginger plants have heart-shaped leaves and grow slowly. However, once grown they can be maintenance free. Ginger plants can be found throughout the world, mainly in shady woods. Ginger plants can be grown in the wild.

Wild ginger plants can be eaten even though it’s not the same as regular ginger used in the kitchen. Wild ginger can be eaten fresh, dried, or candied. It should be eaten with caution though because it’s not good to ingest a lot. Native Americans use the plant for colds and fevers.

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This plant keeps its foliage throughout the season. It can fend off Garlic Mustard with numerous soil types. Wild ginger is a deer resistant plant. It blooms in early spring but fades away extremely quick. When it blooms, you will see a dark red flower. In the fall, the plant goes dormant.

The smell of wild ginger plant is very like the smell of culinary ginger. There is a spicy aroma. Many insects are attracted to the wild ginger plant. The Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly use this plant as their main food source.

For wild ginger plants to grow, they should be planted in moist, rich, and well-drained soil. It will only need top-dressing compost in the spring. Before they will germinate the seeds should be planted in the cold approximately three weeks before you decide to plant them in a pot. A good start would be placing the seeds in the freezer before trying to plant them in a pot.

The wild ginger plant would be a great plant to have. It has been known to cure snake bites and as an ingredient of snuff. This plant is easy to maintain and overall a good look when it blooms in the Spring.