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White Pine Trees

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For centuries, people have used the white pine to decorate home and business interiors because of its ornamental needles and attractively narrow-shaped cones. Though nearly without scent, this pine species holds its needles well for long-lasting and colorful bows even when harvested. Easy to grow and train by simple trimming, white pines that also make excellent Christmas trees are now popularly grown for selling during the Christmas season.

A Little History of these Grand Trees

The trees were naturalized in the British Isles and were given the name “Weymouth Pine” because George Weymouth introduced them in England during the early 1600s. However, they originated in the northeastern part of the North American continent and were long known by the Iroquois nation’s name “Tree of Peace.” These trees were beloved in the early history of the colonies as well as today. In the United States, white pines are the state trees for Maine and Michigan. The flag of Vermont bears an image of one of these trees because white pines were symbols of Vermont when it was a republic. In Canada, the Eastern white species of pine was chosen as Ontario’s official provincial tree.

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What Makes White Pines so Special

While these trees prefer weather that is humid and cool and well-drained soil, white pines will grow on cliffs and rocky hills as well as in marshlands. Like teeth, the long needles of white pines have an exotic look. Their vibrant green and silvery needles grow as long as five inches. Eastern white pines are naturally fire-resistant as well as decorative. Through the years and into the present, nurseries have had much success selling white pines as ornamental trees because they are beautiful and easy to grow. Many growers find they are perfect for cultivating and trimming in the traditional conical shape for the Christmas season.

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Superb Species to Use at Christmastime

With their flexible and silver-green needles, Eastern white pines are often chosen by Christmas farms. White pine Christmas trees to reach an average height of six feet take six to eight years of growing time, depending on the conditions. Besides the trimmed and conical-shaped traditional trees, you can sell branches. Bows of this pine species are ideal for making decorative, fresh, and long-lasting wreaths and garlands. The Eastern white pines are superb choices for Christmas time.

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