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When And How to Prune Flowering Shrubs

When And How to Prune Flowering Shrubs

Posted by Dennis Sons on Oct 30, 2017

How And When To Prune Your Flowering Shrubs

Knowing when to prune flowering shrubs can be tricky for some people. If it is done too much the greenery can fall apart because the gardener does either too much or too little. The key to success with how to trim any garden shrubbery is to let nature take the lead. Here are some more tips on how that works.

Beyond letting nature take its course, there are ways to enhance the shrubs. Different plants have varying needs as well. Some of those require shaping in a certain way for proper growth. Here are some of those and how they should be handled.

- Forsythia

- Hydrnagea

- Hydrnagea Shrubs

- Forsythia Shrubs

- Flowering Shrubs

Forsythia needs to be pruned on a regular basis. They grow fast and without pruning they end up looking really out of control. The shape effect is basic. The gardener needs to watch for growth. When the flowers begin to outgrown another portion of the plant, then it's time to prune it.

Knowing how to trim Hydrangea can mean the difference between gorgeous and a mess in a yard. Like the Forsythia, the flowers grow fast and can become a mess fast. As long as the gardener watches the growth the pruning will be obvious.

Hydrnagea shrubs can look like a beautiful sunrise as they move in the wind on a nice day. The pruning is matter of what the gardener wants. If a certain shape is desired, then it is simple. The shrub can be shaped into anything for a visual appeal. In fact, this is one shrub that can be shaped into just about anything.

Pruning Forsythia shrubs amaze people as they grow and flower. Pruning is a simple matter of the shape desired and watching for overgrowth. These flower easily and fast. They must be watched carefully and can be trimmed as needed to maintain the desired shape.

Any type of flowering shrubs are much the same. The point is to watch the growth and maintain a shape that matches the yard or garden. The largest rule is to be careful to not over trim the shrubs. That is the first mistake that most gardeners make. As long as care is taken, the flowering shrubs can become the glory of the garden year after year. That's the key to knowing when to prune flowering shrubs. It's simple and a creative thing that every gardener must learn with experience.