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Water plants Can Bring Peacefulness

Water Gardens are an exquisite decorative feature for any home or business. These relaxing pools of water add a sense of tranquility by adding the smooth flood of water and the dazzling color of water plants. For some of these water gardens, fish, frogs, and even snails add to the pond’s beauty. By adding a beautiful form of animal life to the scene, however, what truly makes these areas pop out is the plants. Picking the right plants to grow in or around the water garden is essential in creating the correct atmosphere. For plants in the water, lilies or reeds are often used. Lilies provide a natural cover for animals in the pond and beautiful colorful flowers in the summer months. Some types of lilies and other plants that grow on top of the water grow extremely fast and must be cared for to keep them from covering every square inch of the water’s surface. Seeds of any type, such as bamboo, river cane, or cattails, provide cover for animals and places to spawn when the time comes. These tend to grow in the water or the moist surrounding soil. For water gardens with waterfalls and rocky outcrops, plants such as blue flag iris should be used as they tend to pop from the surrounding scenery with their dazzling blue blooms. Water Plantain is another great plant that can grow in the surrounding wet soil of the pond. This plant provides a small leafy bush to the garden. Some leafy plants like watercress also entice animals like ducks to come to the water garden to feed. Adding driftwood into the locations will also help with creating the scene intended. Driftwood placed near the water surrounded by grassy water plants often helps invoke a quiet bog’s nature. Utilizing certain plants within the water garden will help animals within the garden grow and be cared for, and create a scenic beauty.

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