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Using Pine Needles As Decoration

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Feb 23, 2014

Benefits of Using Pine Needles

There are several benefits in using pine needles to mulch the area and around the home. Pine needles are natural and will not have any chemicals or pesticides on them.

Mulch has also been known to cause termites if not treated right. Pine needles will give gardens and natural areas a very natural look and they look lovely when scattered among plants and other items in the garden.They are great to add to areas that the soils need to be acidic, and the pine needles will help make the soil become acidic.

Pine needle mulch is very natural, and as it deteriorates it will provide the soils with wonderful nutrients that will help the plants. Pine needles will not become heavy like regular wood mulch will do and this will cause the soil to become compact and harden. Pine needles also will protect the plants in the cooler months and during the hottest part of the summer.

There are some very pretty flowering plants that will grow well in areas that can be mulched with pine needles. Marigolds and Zinnias will grow very well, and they are wonderful plants and easy to grow and care for in gardens. Snapdragons are a unique plant and will look amazing when planted with marigolds and zinnias. Pine needles will also work very well around berry and vegetable plants and will also help fertilize a garden area. Pine needle mulch is also not very expensive, and a gardener can cover a larger garden and will not have a large bill for mulch products. It is always good to research mulching items to find the correct one for a garden or natural area. Pine needles look lovely and are not very hard to add to gardens.

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