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Use Perennial Plants For Wreaths

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Jun 24, 2014

Making wreaths with fresh flowers

Making Wreaths out of fresh cut  perennial plants or flowers will be beautiful when they finished. A crafter will need to keep in mind that these wreaths will not last long if they get too dry.

Wreaths can be made with all kinds of fresh flowers. Irises, daisies, mums and roses can be used for making these wreaths. Flowers can make a wreath come to life. You can use metal wreath rings and also the foam ones. It is better to use the floral foam ones, and they will hold some moisture in for the flowers. There are also some tubes that will fit onto the flower that will hold water for them, but the wreath will need to be big enough to hide the tubes. When using the floral foam wreaths the wreath will need to be dipped in water so that it can absorb some, but not become thoroughly soaked. The flowers will need to be attached to the wreath with some floral wire, and the floral wood picks one can use. The wires or picks will need to be attached to the flowers with floral wire. Once the wreath base is ready, and the flowers are ready the wreath can be assembled.

It is recommended to make a flower wreath right before you are planning to use it just in case the flowers begin to wilt. The flowers will stay pretty for a long time if it receives some water either from the water tubes or from the wreath that has been soaked in water. Another great idea for a wreath is to use evergreen branches. These branches will stay pretty for a very long length of time and will work great when used around the home to decorate for the holidays. The limbs can be attached with wire and layered all around the wreath base to make it look full or to make it as small as a home owner or crafter will need. Making wreaths out of fresh flowers is a great way to add a very special personal touch to a party or other events that may be going on.