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Unique Flower Containers And Pots

Posted by Garden Delights Nursery on Feb 27, 2014

One idea is to make stacking flower pots, and they will turn out beautiful. One can also make these as tall as one would like but do not go too high because they may start to lean or fall. One will need a steel rod, flower pots and also potting soil. Start off with the larger of the flower pots and put it on the bottom. Take the steel rod and place it in the center and fill the pot with potting soil. Then just slide the next size pot down over the rod and fill it with soil and keep repeating this until all the pots can be stacked. One can them place brightly colored flowering plants into the pots on each level. These look amazing when they can be completed. The pots will need to be smaller in each size as one build up to the top.

Larkspur are great for containers.

Also, one can use those broken clay pots that may be just sitting around. If one side of the pot can be broken out area some potting soil in and let it spill out a little bit. Then place some plants in it that will give lots of roots. Vines such as the hummingbird vine or English ivy are always a great plant for these and the vine will grow and look as if it is pouring out of the pot. One can let your imagination run wild when creating pots and containers for gardens. Also, it is good to order plants from an online nursery. They can provide the information needed to grow them so they will become healthy plants for a garden or other areas. They will also offer the best prices and plants can be purchased in large quantities.

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