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Unique Cattails

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The cattail plant is naturally found near lakes and ponds. Cattails thrive in shallow water or muddy grass. They are an extraordinary plant; they are versatile, edible, and environmentally friendly. This plant works well on the property of nature enthusiasts. After putting this flowering plant in the ground around your pond or lake, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The cattail produces something harvestable during every season of the year. If you have done your research on this plant, it is harvest time all year round. This plant does a beautiful job of being easy to propagate; it grows with the intent of colonizing its environment. Its pollinated seeds are easily carried away by the wind and dispersed along the mud to take root and develop. The flowering plant has been used for centuries by the Native Americans with incredible success. They have used them for weaving baskets and mats, making rope, and medicinal remedies. People used them to create housing by spinning together panels from the stalks of the plant; To protect against the elements of the weather.

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This plant is edible by both humans and animals all year round. They are very rich in omega-6 fatty acid, an essential vitamin that the body does not synthesize within itself. It can be eaten raw or boiled; knowing which parts to eat will sometimes yield a side dish that compares to asparagus or one that is likened to corn on the cob. They are rich in protein, fiber, and many other vitamins and minerals. During the Spring, the shoots, the stalks, male flower spikes, and the rootstocks can be used. The Summer months allow for the pollen to be collected and used. From fall right through the winter, the rootstocks can be harvested and eaten.

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When these flower plants grow around ponds and lakes, they feed animals like squirrels, mallards, and deer. Certain other species use parts from this plant to provide shelter for themselves and their families, like birds, who use the hairs from the seeds to finish off their nests. These plants are worth the adventure of planting in any landscape that will allow them to flourish. The uses and enjoyment of them are almost limitless. If you are not someone who cares to harvest them as wild edible plants for your delight, then you can take comfort in the fact that the seeds can be used to feed animals on the farm; Animals such as cattle and chickens.

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