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Trump's First 30 Days In Office

Posted by Dennis Sons on Feb 17, 2017

This is almost a milestone with President Trump being in office almost a month. Let us recap all the new happenings. 

First thing done was the Oval Office was re-decorated with gold, Mr. Trumps' most loved decor color. He also started immediately making major overhauls to other items removing the Martin Luther King statue for Winston Churchill as well as hiring other designers to help Melania settle in comfortably. 

Also, new security was hired and old done away with as well as many phone calls to heads of state departments and presidents, Kings and Queens across the pond.

After all the Inaugural Balls, dances and party's, it was time to get down to work only 2 days later after being sworn in Mr. Trump was ready for work.

Mr. Trump ordered a ban on all immigrants entering our country. But this also blocked people leaving making a huge mess at airports and around the world. He also had to allow the travel ban to go forward when a federal judge over-powered his decision. I think personally this was a real good thing because ISIS can not get in our country if they are blocked from entering. However, much more thought about those already here on work visas and college should have been taken in to consideration I suppose.

He also declared our national court system a national threat and the media as providing false information from everything from him winning the popular vote to false intelligence information. The media is a mean bunch of scoundrels true, but the national polls we believe are correct and corruption is everywhere agreed from the judicial system to the top.

We all need to stand together as a nation and pray for our future and the decisions the President makes.